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In 1990, when I graduated HS, if you were going to graduate and be "college bound", you had to take a typing class.  It was Sr. year and it was "Health" one semester, "Typing" the next or vice versa.

If you were "Vo-Tech" typing was an option, but "Health" was still mandatory.  

Same teacher taught both classes.  One of the most bitter and angry people I have ever met.   

The though of  "Health" class taught by an angry, frigid, humorless 60 year old woman still makes me wonder.  I guess if you had to manage the subject matter with a bunch of teenagers, many of whom were headed nowhere, after a few years, you would end up like that too.

Typing was one of the most valuable skills I ever learned.  

My kids all had typing classes in public schools in 1st and 2nd grade post 2010.   

Time and technology change everything. 

I wish I could learn to type on a phone and manage the "autocorrect", that would be something.

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On 1/30/20 6:23 PM, Bud Rolofson wrote:
> Exactly, I took typing in eighth grade because there lots of girls in 
> that class and I was a horny 13 yo.  But my 50 yo typing muscle memory 
> will always space twice after a period. Can’t help it.
> Busted.
> Bud

I didn't take typing in high school because I didn't want to be pigeonholed as a secretary. In early years I went in to interview for a technical position with a degree in electronics & almost always was asked what my typing speed was. When I mentioned about a page ever 2 hours or so, I got interviewed for the job I was applying for. I knew a woman with a Stanford masters in physics who in the mid 60s worked as a tech group secretary.

During college when I needed to submit typed papers, I traded typing for either a homemade apple pie or a ready to bake homemade lasagna. I single space between sentences only on emails. That is because my mailer produces strange characters when I double space a sentence. The books I have authored are all double spaced between sentences and my reviewers have forced me to use oxford comas. They are not used in technical papers.


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