[TR] Clear/Amber Fog

TeriAnn J. Wakeman tjwakeman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 09:11:44 MST 2020

On 1/29/20 8:34 AM, Wbeech at flash.net wrote:
> TeriAnn,
> Thank you for the comprehensive coverage on your web page.  Just one question, where will you mount that small switch panel?

The Lucas PS-7 switch panel is only 2-1/2" long at the top, 1-3/4" long 
at the bottom, and 1-1/2 inch high so it is very compact. My plan is to 
mount it to the underside of the instrument panel on the passenger side 
right where the bottom of the instrument panel goes back up (Just above 
the hand brake lever). It should not interfere with passenger leg room 
because of its location and small size and it will be in easy driver reach.

About 15 years ago I picked up a last pair of red Lucas 576 lamp covers 
(my TR is red) at the Monterey car week parts sale (same hotel event 
where I picked up my NOS, still in boxes, Smiths TR3 thermostats, and my 
60s vintage Hella metal air horn trio with compressor). I think I'm 
going to pick up a black pair of lamp covers for everyday use and save 
the unobtanium red ones for club drives and lawn leaks.


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