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Brian Induni binduni at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 17:02:52 MST 2020

Hello all. Hoping you can help with this. I have a '74 TR6 I'm restoring
and am contemplating the wheels. The car originally came with solid wheels,
but I have also have a set of nearly new (READ: in absolutely excellent
shape) Dayton wires that I could put on it. Yes, I know, the stud are a
different length - been down that road a few times. My question is: is a
TR6 more desirable with wires? I don't plan on keeping it once it's
finished.... just a thing I have about the love of restoration. It's a
Malard blue car with factory OD (and still has OD), so I want to make the
car all it can be. Thoughts on the wheels?



Brian Induni

CEO, Classic Automotive Innovations
www.ClassicAutoInnovations.com <http://www.classicautoinnovations.com/>
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