[TR] TR4 Hood Badge

Keith Stewart keithstewart at bell.net
Mon Feb 17 13:48:32 MST 2020

In addition to the plastic inserts, I have used:

Spring clips

And speed nuts


The speed nuts I used were brass with a rubber coating on the surface that would contact the paint. That allowed them to compress and snug up firmly without any paint damage.



Keith Stewart

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Plastic inserts sounds about right for TR4-era, especially later in its run.  Here are the spring metal inserts my TR3B had originally.




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The original securing mechanism was small plastic inserts (like those ground bullet connectors that have a hole through the bottom for the ground wire to protrude and bend over). Once the hole(s) is elongated, these would not work but spire nuts as John suggests or spring clips should hold it secure.

Keith Stewart
keithstewart at bell.net <mailto:keithstewart at bell.net> 

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I agree with Bill Beecher. Elongate one of the holes with a round needle file and then touch in the bare metal with a small dab of of body colour to impede rust. The retaining spire clips will hold it tight and snug.

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