[TR] TR4 Hood Badge

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Feb 17 13:37:12 MST 2020

> The badge mounting holes on the apron currently on my TR3B 
> (not the original, which was upgraded to this one thirty five 
> years ago) are slightly out of round.  The original style 
> inserts would never have worked.  For a few years I had the 
> flat spring speed nuts on the mounting posts, and the badge 
> was tight with no movement.  But I hate those things.

I'm confused, Don.  Weren't the original fasteners on a 3B "flat spring
speed nuts"? P/N FP1005?
TR4 went to FP1012/9 according to my book, but that's still what I would
call a "flat spring" nut.  Same thing is listed for 4A.

> A few years ago I threaded (carefully) with a die the posts 
> on my reproduction badge and it's now mounted with nyloc nuts 
> and plastic washers.

FWIW, I found some "speed nuts" that have hex flats, so you can turn them
down the posts without having to cut threads separately.  They have a bit of
spring to them, so can hold the badge tightly.  The studs on my badge seemed
pretty soft, and the plating was rough, so I wasn't confident it would hold
machine threads.  The speed nuts have worked quite well, and are removable.
(MMC calls them "push nuts")


> I am thinking I need to shave
> one of the holes on a top or bottom side to increase 
> length between holes. I know this may allow badge to shift after install,

My suggestion would be to use a small round file, and do multiple test fits,
to remove the absolute minimum metal required from the holes.  Put some
touch-up paint in the holes, then use the nuts I linked to.

I've still got 98 of them in the box and not likely to ever use more than a
few.  If anyone wants a couple, contact me off-list.

-- Randall 

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