[TR] Top Bows on early TRs

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun Feb 2 00:55:19 MST 2020

Are you sure it was the front bow? 

There's an old trick for putting the top up in cold weather, when the vinyl
has shrunk.  You disconnect the rear bow from the webbing that normally
holds it in place, and put the top up with the rear bow folded forward
against the center bow.  That gives some extra slack to get the snaps
snapped, and the dog legs straightened out.  Then once you're sitting in the
car, you push the rear bow back as far as it will go, to pull the top tight.
As it stretches out more (both from tension and the sun warming it up), you
can push the bow back again, to keep pulling the top tight.

I've never seen one that was spring-loaded; my experience is that the bow
will stay in position without a spring (or web) to hold it there.  But that
doesn't mean someone hasn't used a spring while I wasn't looking.

-- Randall 
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> I don't have a Triumph , or at least a whole Triumph being a 
> Morgan owner, so forgive the lack of knowledge.
> Many years ago I saw a early TR while had a spring loaded 
> first bow for the top.  You would fasten the top to the car 
> with only the rear bows in place the compress the first bow, 
> put it in its place and release it so it tightened up the top .
> Was this standard on all TRs? 
> I never see a TR with the top up so haven't been able to 
> check at shows.
> Thanks for any responses .
> Bob Nogueira
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