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	I got a Sunfast top for my TR6 about 8 years ago.  It looks and fits great when it is up or down.  The issue I have with the top is the difficulty in getting it up, especially in cool weather.  It was installed by a Robbins top certified installer.  Last year I was having my seat repaired by another top and upholstery shop in town.  The owner said that the issue he has had with Robbins fitment on TR6s was the the rear section is too tight and causes the top to be difficult to put up if it’s the last bit stiff in cool weather. As I said other than that, the quality of the Sunfast top is great.  When I  called Robbins after the initial installation they told me that the top would stretch after it had been on  month or two - didn’t happen.
	Happy holidays! 
	’72 TR6

> On Dec 27, 2020, at 1:57 PM, keithstewart at bell.net wrote:
> My wife’s 74.5 TR6 came with a Robbins Sunfast/Stayfast top and it looks beautiful. It has been on the car for around 10 years now and there is no fading. The photo below was taken about eight years after installation. The top looks like a brand new one. I have since bought boot covers and tonneaus in the same material. The TR6 has a roll bar so after purchasing a tonneau, it had to be cut, hemmed, and supplemented to allow fitment around the roll bar. The top shop pulled out the fabric they use for Mercedes or Porsche tops and it was an exact match to the Robbins top/tonneau fabric. If you go with the fabric top, I suggest you get some RaggTopp cleaner and protectant. Since the car is stored for the winter, each spring when it gets its first wash, I use the cleaner with a soft bristle brush to clean it. When the fabric is dry, I spray on the protectant and give it two or three coats allowing drying team in between coats. For the rest o the season, the regular car wash is all it takes to keep the top/tonneau/boot cover clean.
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> Hi all,
> I am getting ready to order a new top for my 74 TR6. Going back to the stock look with the reflective stripes and want to take advantage of the current Roadster Factory sale. I received samples of the Everflex and Robins material and am also considering the Canvas (expensive, but love the look) to. Right now I am leaning towards the Everflex but would welcome any suggestions/experiences. 
> Thank you,
> Robert 
> Robert Rudolphi 
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