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 Keep in mind that you can fit up a later, dual outlet exhaust manifold.  The exhaust ports did not move with the change to the CF engine.  Starting with the dual outlet manifold will open up your options.  The Falcon Sports Exhaust has a nice note to it and sounds great running through the gears but does tend to drone on the highway so depending on how you plan to use the car I could recommend it.

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<!--#yiv4418064647 _filtered {} _filtered {}#yiv4418064647 #yiv4418064647 p.yiv4418064647MsoNormal, #yiv4418064647 li.yiv4418064647MsoNormal, #yiv4418064647 div.yiv4418064647MsoNormal {margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;}#yiv4418064647 a:link, #yiv4418064647 span.yiv4418064647MsoHyperlink {color:#0563C1;text-decoration:underline;}#yiv4418064647 a:visited, #yiv4418064647 span.yiv4418064647MsoHyperlinkFollowed {color:#954F72;text-decoration:underline;}#yiv4418064647 span.yiv4418064647EmailStyle17 {font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;color:windowtext;}#yiv4418064647 .yiv4418064647MsoChpDefault {font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;} _filtered {}#yiv4418064647 div.yiv4418064647WordSection1 {}--> I’m sure this has been discussed ad nauseam. But, I currently have a single exhaust system on my 1972 TR6. I like the looks of the dual pipes displaying in the rear. But, I heard that the sound can be deafening. I’m convinced that Monza is way too loud.  Are there any other opinions that may lead me to a valid decision?   Thanks and Happy Holidays,Jeff Nathanson’72 TR6** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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