[TR] HVDA Conversion, Issues?

Bob Danielson 75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org
Wed Dec 16 14:53:02 MST 2020

Back in 2008, Herman was experiencing some problems with the McLeod T/O Bearing leaking. My kit had that unit and it failed immediately  …. http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/5SpeedInstallation.htm …. Literally installed the tranny per instructions, depressed the clutch and fluid came leaking out. Herman was testing the Quarter Master T/O bearing and, because of my experience with the McLeod, starting using Quarter Master as the new bearing…… as I recall, it was more expensive but of much better quality. 

Maybe Moss went back to McLeod to save money?


Bob Danielson
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I purchased the HDVA conversion and Herman provided the Quartermaster TOB at that time. I am not sure when or why he made the change.  I am completely satisfied with the Quartermaster TOB.

Rod Trunnell
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On Wed, Dec 16, 2020, 11:45 AM Dan Cronin <adcronin at mi.rr.com> wrote:
I have one of the older HVDA Toyota 5 speed to Triumph conversions (2006 vintage) that I am just now getting around to completing on my “55 TR2 Resto Mod and have noticed that the current (Moss) HVDA kits have changed out the McLoud 1400-20 Hydraulic TOB for a Quarter Master unit.  Anyone know why this change was made?  Have there been issues with the McLoud 1400 series TOB’s.  I have the McLoud unit adjusted properly and ready to mate up to the Fidanze alloy flywheel and LUK clutch and pressure plate and the upgraded TR4a motor, but would be interested in hearing from anyone (pro and con) concerning the McLoud units vs Quarter Master TOB’s.
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