[TR] TR2-3B Control Head Install

Brian Thomas thomasb at queensu.ca
Wed Dec 16 09:06:32 MST 2020


Yesterday we attempted to install a new TRF non-adjustable steering wheel control head (vintage 2007) in our TR2 currently undergoing restoration.  I’ve successfully used this product in the past on our 1956 TR3.

Everything went as expected until the final step when the control head was pushed fully home into the original stock steering wheel.  The resulting clearance between hub and wheel is about 3/8 of an inch rather than the 1/8 ” it is supposed to be.  This with the mounting plate of the control head now resting firmly against the steering wheel hub locators (i.e. correctly positioned to tighten the grubs screws).

Adjusting the exposure of the stator tube at the steering box end does not appear to be a solution as it seems it is the steering wheel that needs to move.

I’ve read a couple of threads in the British Car Forum on this topic and one commented “If the control head is an aftermarket one, make sure that it will fit in the steering wheel base. Sometimes the attachment plate is too large a diameter and wont seat all the way past the set screws.“.  No mention I could find on how to solve this.

Appreciate the steering column has been totally apart and rebuilt.

… and I still have the original 1954 control head which is totally functional and with a good buffing would probably look as good as the new unit.  I didn’t have this with me yesterday or would have tried it for fit.

Anyone have any ideas?


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