[TR] TR4 Armstrong Shocks, Rattle and Serendipity THANKYOU LETTER

Will Daehler will.daehler at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 14:54:06 MST 2020

First off, Thank you to those who took the time to post suggestions about
how to best solve my rattling Triumph rear suspension problem.  The
gentlemen include Geo Hahn, Allen Hess, John Linney, George Haynes, Rye
Livingston, Jim Henningsen, Brian Kemp, Randy DeRuiter, Dave Connitt, Brian
at Ranteer, and Peter Ryner. THANK YOU.


I weighed carefully all the information, and pondered all the very thorough


Did I say serendipity ? 


I discovered that I lived 25 miles from World Wide Auto, in Madison
Wisconsin!  Who knew, and how could I pass up such a fortunate coincidence?
I met Jane and Steve and bought a beautifully restored pair of Armstrong
shocks. What a crazy small and defined specialty!  When I install them I
will use grade six internal hex socket head cap screws with fresh stover
nuts. I will check my shock links and replace the silent blocks on the leaf
springs. And then onto motoring!




Will Daehler

TR4 Powder Blue




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