[TR] Crankshaft Thrust washers (aka bearing)

DAVID MASSEY dave1massey at cs.com
Fri Dec 4 15:47:27 MST 2020

 You can mix and match.  I put in a STD and a .005 over to get my end float down to were I wanted it.
BTW I have a spare STD and .005 thrust washer somewhere.

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Catologs show that thrust washers are available in Standard and .005 oversized.
Since the washers act in both directions, front to back back to front, does a .005 set reduce total clearance .010?
With standard size I currently have a bit more than .011 play. Will using a set of .005 washers, will the play be reduced to .006 or .001?
Thank you 

Bob Nogueira 
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