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 A drill guide as you describe is a good idea.  I always use a guide like that whenever I use a tap.  If you get a tap started crooked you will never get it straightened out.  I like to use a solid block of aluminum but I have also used square tubing.  Same principal applies when hand drilling.

Drilling a pilot hole is easier to get it centered.  Once the pilot hole is there the other drill bits will self-center.

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What is the best way to drill a perpendicular hole for an insert?I'm using a 7/16-20 time sert. I need to drill a perpendicular hole in the captive nut. The dril I need to use is 29/64. Should I  start with drilling  smaller diameter holes and then end up with the 29/26?  Im thinking of drilling a perpendicular hole in a piece of wood in my drill press and then using that as a guide.Any recommendations please. The last time I used an insert, the hole wasn't perpendicular. 

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