[TR] Puttering down Memory Lane

Greg Lemon grglmn at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 20:05:38 MST 2019

 "I used to have a car, a white, solid axle
TR4A.  Great car, one of my favorites."

I had a solid axle 66, once I got done redoing everything it was a daily
driver in the late 80s, and the most reliable British car I have ever
owned, would start at 10 below no worries, damn fine looking car too.

Greg Lemon

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019, 10:04 AM Mark J Bradakis <mark at bradakis.com> wrote:

> "The white car (presumably the one you owned) was sent to Prescott, AZ
> along with a spare parts car to be restored by a fellow from Norway last
> I heard."
> Does anyone know a place in Prescott like this?
> Here's why I am wondering.  I used to have a car, a white, solid axle
> TR4A.  Great car, one of my favorites.  Should have kept it, you know
> that story.  Anyway, I sold it to a fellow here in Salt Lake.  Some
> years later I am browsing local classifieds, and I see a white TR4A for
> sale.  I look at the photos and one picture has a bit of a sway bar
> mount showing.  A custom, one of a kind mount that I fabricated for The
> White Car, as I called it.  Turns out it was purchased by someone in St.
> George, Utah, summer of 2015. Since my name was on a lot of the
> paperwork that came with the car he contacted me.  We chatted a bit, I
> gave him some of the history of the car the time it was in my care,
> emailed him some of the pictures I have.  Restoration was in the plans.
> So the other day I was feeling nostalgic and put up a post on Facebook
> about how I would really like to have a fun car back on the road.  My
> post included a shot of TWC, taken at the Boulder, Colorado VTR
> convention in 1990, I think it was.  Picture below. And I emailed
> Taylor, the fellow in St. George.  His email address is still valid, he
> responded about his various projects, and the quote at the beginning
> about Prescott tells what he ended up doing with my former car.
> Anyone know the shop?
> mjb.
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