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OK Terry,


I’ll bite.  


Your title has me interested.  


Is this something that is an interesting read for the curious or is it something dull and academic.  


I ask, because I have many friends who write and publish, and lots of it is only for a really narrow group of folks in a really small peer group.  


I’m always happy to get a new book, I just like to ask so that I don’t get deep into 1,000 pages about the size of  fiber in paper over the ages or drainage studies.


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Okay.  You're both right.  On topic, sorta, and too shameless self-promotion.  I also spent 26 years as a Director of poverty programs leading government programs. Randall actually helped me once with a transportation issue I was having for welfare clients we were putting into work activities.   


My book on exactly how government policy is set, is now out on Amazon:  "Gaudy Baubles and Fartworms:  an insiders guide to welfare." 


Now, on to Triumphs.  What is the latest thoughts on hardening seat valves in a TR3? 


Terry Smith, '59 TR3A 

New Hampshire 




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Sorry Jeff, I know some are very good, and I apologize for not being more specific.  When it comes to the academic arena I spent 37 years in, and many hospitals, it is all too frequently the very first, overriding, priority. Make sure everyone understands who committed, and is responsible for, the error before resolving the issue. With 11 full-time and 12 part-time years in the corporate sector it was very rare to encounter the same priority before resolving the issue. Mistakes, or procedural errors, in the corporate sector were identified, resolved and everyone just moved on. Most of the time you never knew who created them, only that it was an issue to be resolved. 


Randall Reihing


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This i because in all government offices the primary overriding priority when a problem is encountered is to first, and above all else, assign fault to someone. Not until that fault/responsibility for the issue has been assigned can they move forward on a solution.




With all due respect, and completely off topic:  As a government employee charged with solving problems, I'd appreciate it if you'd narrow your brush there a bit.   


 Jeff Scarbrough 

Corrosion Acres, Ga. 

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