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I once had a TR3 where the title had the body number, starting with an "EB".
I went through hoops trying to get things changed, had a police officer come
look at the vin plate, copied books which showed that all TR3s had a vin
starting TS and ending with an L, etc, etc.  Was about to get a correct
title, then discovered another car with the same VIN.  I learned my lesson:
if the car has a title, leave it alone....




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I have seen many mangled "VIN Numbers" on vintage car titles.


Apparently when DMV's across the country became computerized, there was no
standard on how to input 17 digits in on a title for a car with a 4 or 5
digit serial number.  


The solution for my 1960 Morgan registered in Hawaii was to insert 13 zeros
in front of the 4 digit serial number.


I had a 1964 AH 3000 with a CA title that was AHEALEYBJ then the body tag






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I just went to get a title on a TR which came with a factory overdrive.  The
old title appropriately ended "LO", but I was told that "Os" and "Is" are no
longer acceptable in titles.  So I had to change the VIN (on the title) to
"L0".  Then I had to call the insurance company to explain the same story to
them and have them send me a proof of insurance with "L0".


Anyone else come across this?  Maybe it has been going on for years:  I have
4 cars with overdrive, but this was the first factory one.


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, MI

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