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Hi Dave,

The TR4A is set up pretty much like a TR6 regarding the safety brake and speedometer cable routing. I should have just measured my old cable and ordered a replacement from that measurement instead of just assuming that since I have an overdrive that I need to order an “overdrive cable”. I could have had my TR4A back together and running! Now it looks like I may have it back together just in time to watch the first snowfall of the year! LOL

Dave Connitt



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Are your using the right-angle drive?  When using the right-angle drive you use the same cable as the non-OD cars.  The TR3 and TR4's used the longer cable without the R-A drive and the cable is routed with generous bends to the speedometer.  These cars have a feature on the right-hand footwell that provides room for the cable to pass straight out of the transmission.  It is part of the treatment around the parking brake.  The TR6 does not have this and the R-A drive is required.  I don't know enough about TR4A's to know which setup was used but since you have a TR4A you can answer that for me.





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So I had ordered a new speedometer cable for my TR4A from Moss and it’s about 30 inches too long! I have a a-type overdrive and double checked the catalog part number which is what I have. In checking my old cable, it is the non-overdrive piece. What’s the deal?

Dave Connitt 

‘67 TR4A 

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