[TR] TR250 LED tail light problem

DAVID MASSEY dave1massey at cs.com
Fri Nov 1 19:06:14 MDT 2019

 Indeed, that is the only common connection.  LED's are quite sensitive to voltage fluctuations so a modestly dirty connection can have that effect.

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I have installed LED tail/brake lights (Litezupp) in my wife's TR250.  I 
also have a third LED brake light on the car - which I have unplugged 
while trying to diagnose my problem.  It didn't make any difference.

Here's the problem.  When the tail lights are on and I use the flasher, 
the tail/brake lights flicker with the flasher.  They don't go on and 
off but the get brighter and dimmer.  When the third brake light is 
hooked up it does the same thing.

I am not using LED turn signals as on the TR250 it requires more than 
just changing the turn signal flasher.  I do have a new electronic 
flasher on order anyway as the turn signals are flashing at about twice 
the normal speed on both sides.  All of the lights are working.

I suspect the problem is related to grounding, but I am not sure how to 
improve the grounding on the 250.   Any suggestions?

Roger Elliott

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