[TR] TR250 LED tail light problem

Roger Elliott elliottr at rmi.net
Fri Nov 1 17:20:22 MDT 2019

Yes, as I understand it, the TR250 needs either the diode bridge from 
Litezupp or the ballast resistor from Moss.   That is the reason I am 
not trying to use LED turn signals currently, just tail/brake lights.


On 11/1/19 5:34 PM, Tim Moore wrote:
> In order to get led turnsignals to work on our cars you need to have a 
> ballast resistor wired into the circuit. I think MOSS has a video on 
> just this issue.
> On Friday, November 1, 2019, 02:33:49 PM EDT, Roger Elliott 
> <elliottr at rmi.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed LED tail/brake lights (Litezupp) in my wife's TR250.  I
> also have a third LED brake light on the car - which I have unplugged
> while trying to diagnose my problem.  It didn't make any difference.
> Here's the problem.  When the tail lights are on and I use the flasher,
> the tail/brake lights flicker with the flasher.  They don't go on and
> off but the get brighter and dimmer.  When the third brake light is
> hooked up it does the same thing.
> I am not using LED turn signals as on the TR250 it requires more than
> just changing the turn signal flasher.  I do have a new electronic
> flasher on order anyway as the turn signals are flashing at about twice
> the normal speed on both sides.  All of the lights are working.
> I suspect the problem is related to grounding, but I am not sure how to
> improve the grounding on the 250.   Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Roger Elliott
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