[TR] Sleepless in Ocala Update

TeriAnn J. Wakeman tjwakeman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 09:33:18 MDT 2019

I have an aftermarket (regrind?) cam and had been plagued with poor 
starting, rough slow idle, engine dying at idle, and sometimes just 
running out of steam and stumbling at full throttle. After a lot of 
experimentation I concluded that the pump lobe on the cam is under size 
and barely touching the pump lever causing just a partial pump. My idle 
fuel pressure was less than one lb, but the hand pump leaver pumped a 
strong flow. I tried original and aftermarket mechanical pumps with no 
improvements. Finally I added a low pressure high volume electric pump 
back by the fuel tank and the engine was transformed. With 3 lbs at 
idle, the engine started easily and idled properly. And it no longer ran 
out of steam at full throttle. The accelerator pumps (DCOE) worked 
properly at sudden full throttle off idle without stumbling and almost 


On 7/12/19 7:50 AM, Jim Henningsen wrote:
> List:
> I checked the gas tank and no pressure when opening tank.  I did determine
> after testing the fuel pump by cranking engine and putting fuel inlet line
> near carb into a catch can that the mechanical lever is not pumping any
> fuel.  Hand lever still does.  I removed the pump, inspected the lever and
> tested it manually off car and it does pull gas out.  Reinstalled and
> believe it is correct installation and hooked it back up.  Crank engine and
> no fuel being pumped into can.  The pump is a good quality repro but maybe
> something wrong with lever.  Our club member mechanical expert thought it
> might be a cam lobe issue.  I don't have a spare electric fuel pump to
> quickly hook u p but sure that would fix it.  I would prefer to use a stock
> pump though.
> Going to order a pump rebuild kit for a spare original AC pump that I have
> and see if that works.  Stay tuned.
> Jim Henningsen
> Ocala FL

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