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We’ve tried that in the past; used to be stations across the country would have “full service” pumps and “self service” pumps with perhaps only 5 to 10 cents difference in price.

Some quick assumptions show an average cost (to the owner) of roughly $.10 or $.15/gallon (assuming an attendant pumps all gas sold, etc), so it probably wasn’t a ripoff.

Never seemed worth the price, to me; I almost always used the self service pumps.  I’m guessing that’s what the station owners saw as well, since I haven’t seen a full service pump in a long time (outside of Oregon, where it’s required by law).


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Just thinking the other day.  What would it cost a station, in terms of cents per gallon, to hire a guy to pump fuel and clean windscreens?  And, what would the public be willing to pay?
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What's an "attendant"?
The guy in Oregon who fills your fuel tank while you sit inside your car, or while you are cleaning your windscreen.
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