[TR] TR6 will not start when hot

david brady dmb993 at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 3 08:26:28 MDT 2019

Hi Robert,

Sounds like your plugs are fouling. Have you tried a hotter heat range 
spark plug? Try a plug a few ranges hotter.

David Brady, TR250, CD8124L

On 07/03/2019 08:50 AM, robert rudolphi wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am having trouble getting my TR6 to start when hot. It always fires 
> right up when cold but after a drive it just cranks and cranks but 
> will not start. I usually keep the throttle wide open when trying to 
> start but lately that does not seem to make a difference. I usually 
> have a strong smell of gas after cranking for a while. I have 
> installed one of the carb heat shields but also no help. I assume it 
> has to do with the carbs getting to hot above the exhaust manifolds, 
> but I have spoken to others and they do not have this problem. This 
> has been going on for years and would love any input to possible fixes.
> Thank you,
> Robert Rudolphi
> 74 TR6
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