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Thu Aug 29 17:14:01 MDT 2019

 im thinking of going this way.depends on if i can get my hand around the front of the radiator.

    On Thursday, August 29, 2019, 03:50:46 PM PDT, staffel <staffel at comcast.net> wrote:  
 Reading these posts on z fan Controller, it seems to me too many  depending on the 'Undependable Age of Crap Electronics'. Forget all that.
Randall's got it nailed, as I did way back in 1998. I added the biggest Hayden fan that still fit the TR4 radiator. Believe TR3 similar size.12" circular fan.
Used standard adjustable Hayden temperature control switch with standard probe-Jensen Interceptor simple circuitry.  Inserted probe gently between fins, upper left corner radistorAlways works. Now 20 years since installation.  
No electronic crap on my TR4. Functional electric cooling mod  is practical but  no need to exacerbate complexity.
Sherman D Taffel, PhDColumbia MD & Goldvein VA TR4, 4 Jags (3 V12s-72-96), 5 Jensens (2 Interceptors & 3GTs).13 Americans ('36-'15)

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