[TR] TR3 Frame in Vermont

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Mon Oct 29 16:02:16 MDT 2018

My friend Mike Buonanduci in Vermont asked me if I would let the list know
he has a solid TR3 frame for sale in Vermont. I believe he wants $750.


The frame appears to be from a car with a split steering column, so
presumably a TR3A.  It is rust free and the only blemishes I see are:

-        One missing outrigger

-        (the usual) dents to the front horns

-        One missing rear body mount which apparently is still on the body
and can be re-welded to the frame


I am not representing the state of the frame, nor do I have any financial
interest.  If anyone wants to know more, I will put them in touch with Mike.
I can say, however, that Mike is an honest guy, I have bought probably 4 or
5 cars from him in the past, and he is a true TR enthusiast.


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, Michigan

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