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Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Thu Oct 25 13:38:20 MDT 2018

Hi Bob,


I don't think you're being paranoid at all.  Better safe than sorry.


A 4 wheeled engine stand is better than a 3 wheel one due to tip over
concerns.  Can you do it with a 3 wheeled stand?  Sure, but if you haven't
bought a stand yet, why take the risk of tip over?  Just not worth it.


Same with bolt grades.  I would definitely use grade 5 or grade 8 bolts.
I'm sure someone will say a grade 2 bolt will work but again why take the
risk.  The cost difference between a grade 2 and a grade 5 or 8 is
insignificant.  But the safety margin goes up substantially with the higher
quality bolts.


Same with working around an engine being pulled.  You wouldn't want to be
directly underneath the engine obviously, but I've seen guys do it.
Anything slips or breaks and it falls on you and you're permanently disabled
or dead.  Same with working under a car with just a floor jack and no
jackstands.  You see it all the time and read about fatalities when the 10
cent seal in the jack fails and it all comes crashing down on top of them.


No substitute for safety.


My 2 cents,



'72 Stag

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