[TR] TR4 Radiator Overflow Bottle

Brian Kemp bk13 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 7 09:58:31 MDT 2018

You may already know this, but on hard to align lids, here is a tip.  
Put the lid in place and turn counter-clockwise until you feel a click 
(the threads aligning).  Then turn clockwise.  This works for all types 
of large threaded devices that don't align nicely.  I use this skill 
regularly on large peanut butter containers and the very oversized 
Costco animal cracker plastic jar.

I have a replacement, likely from TRF and never noticed a problem.


On 10/6/2018 3:24 PM, Bill Brewer wrote:
>       So on my 1953 Morgan +4 I installed a TR4 radiator overflow 
> reservoir. I am pretty sure I got it from Moss. The bottle was very 
> poor quality, as was the lid. They don’t line up squarely and it 
> always appears cross-threaded. I am pretty sure that they are both 
> messed up, but it is possible that only one side is messed up. Has 
> anyone else experienced this? Is there a better source for a better setup?
>      Bill in Tehachapi
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