[TR] Will a 'out-of-spot' tappet necessarily be higher, like this?

Rye Livingston ryel at mac.com
Mon Oct 1 10:24:06 MDT 2018

You don't want to force anything, meaning don't try to tap it down into place.  

As Bill said, the easiest is to pull the head.  Keep in mind if you do that you need to use a new head gasket when re-installing the head and go through proper torque procedures, all of which is easy to do, just make sure you do it.

As I was in your situation once, I'd take more time, and maybe a lot more time, and take a flashlight and peak down the holes that have the tappets in place so you know what it looks like, and then look down the one you're dealing with, and with a long screwdriver try to coax that tappet back into position.  If it's got plenty of oil on it, once it's aligned it should sink down in place with little to no pushing from you.

Also, as someone else said, check to see if you have a local Triumph Club.  If you do, join it, and I'm sure there would be some members who would love to come over and help you out.  It's what we do!  :-)

Good luck,

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I received my new pushrod from Moss last night and was impressed, it looks the same length as stock, but was slightly heavier by weight.  Others had forewarned that it might be chinese, and it could still be, although I don't know what would ever tell me if that were an issue.

Right now, my emphasis is on getting the thing running. something it hasn't done in years. I remember saying that I had seen one pushrod in particular had non-concentric circles appearing down the pushrod tubes  and I surmised that this must be what everyone informed me must be an out of spot tappet that I had been warned about. Trouble is: I forgot to write down which one of the eight pushrod tubes that I had seen it in.
I also might have worked that tappet over and in-line with the tube such that it now has the proper concentric circles.  On thing I do know for sure, is that one particular tappet causes it's pushrod to set a couple of inches higher ( as shown in the pic).  How do I get that tappet down? I slightly hit it's pushrod with my palm, but it would not drop down.  I do have an extra pushrod if others think I ought to tap it down using a pushrod,  Heck, I proably could use the old bent pushrod which I have now replaced, to tap it in place.  I just don't want to attempt this unless others give me a green light.
Thanks, Paul Dorsey  aka RUSTY ACRES
Paul Dorsey <dorpaul1 at gmail.com>
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