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Guess I'll add another two cents.. as many will recall, a valve job was 
the bread and butter of repair shops (mine included) since the advent of 
unleaded fuel I have not seen a single valve job and valve seat recession

only on a race engine. New chemicals have been added to replace the 
octane boosting and lubricating attributes of lead. Most of what is out 
there as advice is a total myth or marketing BS.. My opinion .


On 10/1/2018 11:15 AM, Reihing, Randall S. wrote:
> Checking the web I found that the Red Line lead substitute fuel 
> additive is available through Amazon in 12 ounce bottles to treat 25 
> gallons for close to $17.00, plus shipping, and adds about $.70 per 
> gallon to the cost of whatever octane is selected.
> An alternative might be 100 Low Lead, or 100LL, aviation fuel 
> available at almost any airport and add it to the auto fuel. Shell Oil 
> Co.'s web site lists 100LL as having 0.56g/liter of lead per gallon, 
> https://www.shell.com/business-customers/aviation/aviation-fuel/avgas.html, 
>  which is about 560 ppm, or parts per million per gallon. I don't know 
> if one gallon of 100LL could be diluted in today's auto fuel and be 
> enough lead to for a TR3's valve seats.
> An alternative might be to use a few gallons of 100LL ($4.75/gallon in 
> Ohio) from time-to-time and maybe (hopefully) enough lead residue 
> would build up to protect the valve seats. Click on this link to see 
> 100LL av gas cost per 
> state.http://www.airnav.com/fuel/greatdeals/long?type=1
> Maybe one of the lists math wizards could research how much lead was 
> in auto fuel before it was phased out and determine if 100LL can help.
> Sincerely,
> Randall Reihing
> 1959 TR3A
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