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See if a #10 or #8 machine thread works.  It is one of these, but I don't remember which.  I always buy new bolts and lock washers from the hardware store for carb top covers.  You can buy stainless.  And it doesn't cost as much.

My friend had metric size bolts holding his carb tops on his TR8.  I suspect that was because a previous owner put them in because they were close in size and he just forced them in because they were into aluminum.

What are you referring to for damper 0-rings?  If you are referring to the tiny one at the bottom of the dashpot that holds the dashpot oil around the metering needle, then yes that is a standard size o-ring that you can buy.  The o-ring around the fuel reservoir plug is standard and can be bought too.

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I worked on the carbs on my 1976 TR6 this weekend, one of the needle adjustments screws moved and I was able to lean the carb I needed for some improvement.  A couple of questions, does anyone know the specs on the screws holding the top cover to the body of the carb?  Someone (not me - honest) buggered them up and I had to cut a slot on one to back it out.  I would like to just replace them all.  Moss has them at $1.89 apiece but that seems a bit much.  I had a couple of screws in my loose screw bin that looked correct but did not seem to fully thread into the carb body and I didn't want to force them and ruin the threads.  Also, if the damper o-rings are a standard size that I can pick up at a local FLAPS instead of ordering them, i would appreciate knowing the specs on those as well.
David Gill
1976 TR6
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