[TR] ZS 175 carbs

davgil at aol.com davgil at aol.com
Mon Oct 1 07:44:39 MDT 2018

I worked on the carbs on my 1976 TR6 this weekend, one of the needle adjustments screws moved and I was able to lean the carb I needed for some improvement.  A couple of questions, does anyone know the specs on the screws holding the top cover to the body of the carb?  Someone (not me - honest) buggered them up and I had to cut a slot on one to back it out.  I would like to just replace them all.  Moss has them at $1.89 apiece but that seems a bit much.  I had a couple of screws in my loose screw bin that looked correct but did not seem to fully thread into the carb body and I didn't want to force them and ruin the threads.  Also, if the damper o-rings are a standard size that I can pick up at a local FLAPS instead of ordering them, i would appreciate knowing the specs on those as well.  

David Gill
1976 TR6

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