[TR] Lead additive

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Oct 1 08:28:31 MDT 2018

> I used lead additive in a Datsun Fair Lady I ran for a while. 
>  I sold it when the valves pounded so deep into the head, I 
> couldn't keep it running anymore (and for other reasons, 
> chief among which was ability to find parts reasonably 
> priced).  In other words, lead additive didn't work for me.  

Some years back, when the UK was first going unleaded, BMH did a test of
several lead substitutes.  IIRC, they tested 7 different substitutes, and
found that 5 of them were useless!  Of the two that worked, one was not
available in the USA; the other was Redline Lead Substitute.  Google it, the
article might still be on a web site somewhere.

I ran Redline for several years in my current 56 TR3, after establishing
that it did have a problem.  It stopped the recession dead in it's tracks,
as long as I kept using it religiously.  That means adding a suitable
amount, each and every time you buy gas!

Eventually though (3 or 4 years of daily commuting), the valves were leaking
enough to affect idle quality.  Still no real recession as such, but the
seats were eroded in spots.  I know I missed a few doses, and it's possible
I wasn't using enough every time. 

 If I were doing it still, I would up the dose.  But I had another head on
hand, and it doesn't have a problem with recession (even though it doesn't
appear to have had the seats replaced).

-- Randall  

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