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Most of the bolt-on TR6 exhaust systems are fairly easy to install, so I won't comment there. That said, I am a big fan of custom exhausts and you can make a TR6 sound awesome but not DRONE like some of the systems that are available. I had Monza for a long time and while it sounded okay, it was extremely tiring on long trips and I made a number of cross country rides to VTR events back in the day. About 20 years ago, I fabricated a custom system for my race car. The car was used mostly for autocross and sound control was (and is) a big issue in our region. I wound up making the system up from 2.5 inch tube into a "turbo" style muffler that is packed with sound absorbing material. When you stand on it, it marks nicely, but it is fairly quiet at idle and there is no droning at all. A custom shop can do the job for you for a a few hundred dollars or if you are adventurous, you can fab one up using pre-formed mandrel-bent tubing.
I have a video on YouTOOb of my street car. That one used 2.25 inch pipe which is fine if you're not looking to get max power. 74 Triumph Exhaust

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74 Triumph Exhaust

This is a video showing a custom exhaust system that is installed on a 74 Triumph TR6.



If you want to hear the sound of the race car with the 2.5 inch setup and turbo muffler, check out any of my in-car videos on you tube.

Last - the stock exhaust manifold is somewhat restrictive. I strongly suggest that you pair a good header to your project. The Goodparts setup is a bolt-in and it is awesome. The power gains from a good header is worth the $$$.

Regards,Bob Lang

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I need to replace the exhaust system on my 1972 TR6.  The current system appears to be custom made.  There is a dual pipe coming off the exhaust manifold which makes the 90 degree turn to go to the back of the car.  This pipe goes from two pipes into one which continues to the rear of the car.  There is a single  muffler in line with the pipes. I would like to replace everything with a new Bell stainless steel system but have some questions.
My first preference is to use the Bell Sport system with two mufflers. If I use this where do I attached the muffler hanger bracket for the right muffler? I have the mounting tab for the left side but don’t have anything on the right side to attach the muffler.
My other option is to use the standard stainless steel system with two pipes  and the single muffler which goes crossways.
I have heard on the list many positive comments regarding the Bell Sports system but nothing about the standard system. I plan on purchasing through Empire British Car Parts.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Ron Olds
72 TR6
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