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Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Tue May 15 16:42:40 MDT 2018

So the background to this story is that I was put in touch with Joe, who
owns a 100,000 square foot facility about 30 miles west of Philadelphia.
Part of his space was rented to a car restorer who upped and out about 3
years ago.  Joe's lawyer tells him he can now clear the area out and that
anything left is his.


I visited him yesterday and picked up some TR3 sheetmetal.


He has a TR3 there - just a tub on a frame.  I think it is a TR3A as there
are a couple of wide-mouth aprons lying around, but the rear seat area is
sloped.  So maybe a 1959?  No title or vin.  The tub has some rust (holes)
in the floors and dog-legs but the sills themselves appear to be solid, so
it would be a good restoration candidate.  The rear fenders are on the car
and there are various panels lying around.  The car is on what appears to be
a good frame but no wheels.   I told him the tub and frame could be worth
$1200 if some of the panels were thrown in.


There is also a TR4 which isn't particularly rusted but has seen better
days.  The driver's side appears to have been side-swiped as it is pretty
beat-up.   But it is an intact car, again with some panels lying around.
Frame appears solid.  Maybe $600 ?


For what it's worth, there is also what appears to be a fairly solid
bug-eyed sprite and a Porsche (not a 911 or anything I recognized).


Joe is looking to clear the space, but does not want to be inundated with
tire-kickers.  So if anyone is genuinely interested, contact me off-line and
I will give you his contact information.  No financial interest whatsoever.


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, Michigan

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