[TR] It's a guy thing.....

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Wed May 2 14:01:54 MDT 2018

I have a long, winding driveway as we are set back about a quarter-mile from
the road.  So as I pulled in tonight in my small-mouth TR3 I squealed the
tires most of the way from the road to the house - where my lovely wife was
standing outside the front door.  She didn't say anything until about an
hour later when she casually remarked, "was there any particular reason you
squealed the tires from the road to the house?"  If there is an acceptable
answer to such a question, could someone provide it so I have it in my
armamentarium? J


First reply:  "It's a guy's way of checking the tires are  inflated


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, Michigan

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