[TR] Import Carlisle - 2018

Ted Schumacher tedtsimx at bright.net
Wed May 2 09:51:26 MDT 2018

Hi Lists.  We will be at Import Carlisle as a vendor - spaces #C62 & 
C63. Will be th ere Thursday - Saturday.    If you need anything please 
let me know. Have a truck and trailer for large items.  Will have our 
usual parts selection - alloy valve covers, gear  reduction starters, 
steelbraid hoses (brake clutch and oil), poly  bushings, UK  carb sets 
and even some unusual used bits. Will be  leaving event mid-afternoon 
Saturday. Please stop by. Thanks for your time. Ted

Ted Schumacher
tedtsimx at bright.net
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Pandora, Ohio, USA 45877
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