[TR] Red LEDs?

David Massey dave1massey at cs.com
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 These are wired in parallel with the bulbs, not inline.  There should be a 4-way connector somewhere with only three wires.  you can attach a wire to one side of the resistor with a bullet connector and plug it in there.  Attach another wire to the other resistor lead and connect that to ground.  You will need only two resistors, one for the right side and one for the left.


Dave Massey



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Thank you, Geo and Randall.  I've ordered the resistors.  I take it these are soldered in-line between between the turn signal switch and where the splice is made for front and back for each, left and right, turn signals?  Is there a favorite place to tie into?

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Tom and Dave, thank you.  Are you saying that you use a regular flasher unit with the ballast resistor, and that will allow not only the LED's to work, but also the turn signal indicator light on the dash?

That is what I did.  I used connectors to permit a no-cut connection to the original harness.  Mounted magnets to the resistors so I could tuck them out of the way (e.g. on the inner wing, under the apron):

Connects from a multiple bullet connector to any handy ground.



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