[TR] Stag accelerator cable attachment to the pedal.

Thomas Fansher tfansher at comcast.net
Thu Jul 19 06:26:04 MDT 2018

I had the intake manifold gasket slip down and resulted on a major water leak.  So pulled the cars, and intake and replaced the gasket with the thickest one available from James Paddock.  In reattaching the throttle cable to the carbs, all went well until I tried the pedal and nothing happened at the carb end.  I’m assuming that the cable slipped off the pedal, but I can’t see the top of the pedal nor feel the cable or attachment.  The heater seems to be in the way....
Any helpful ideas on how to proceed - I’m thinking a much smaller person with much better eyes and smaller hands ;>).   Actually, I was thinking about pulling the heater and a/c to have the right hand blower motor replaced - need more air flow through the unit.  
As always, thanks in advance for your help

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