[TR] TR3 Alternator Conversion

Thomas Fansher tfansher at comcast.net
Thu Jul 19 06:17:32 MDT 2018

I vote with Terry.  I have two TR3A’s. My first one, a 1961, I’ve had since 1972 and it was modified touring - with alternator, no manual fan and a puller electric fan, electric fuel pump, lightened flywheel and slightly modified cam.  I also went with the longer TR4 intake manifold and the HS6 (TR6 SU carbs).
That was somewhat of a pain to rig up the choke that would look good and work.  The end result ( I measured) is that the distance between he carb throat and the head is the SAME for both setups, so at least for street use, the conversion to the HS6 cars and longer intake manifolds yields NOTHING.  TO use the longer manifold with the stock carbs would require reworking the inner fender to allow them to fit and could interfere with that tire....
The latest one, a 1960, I’ve tried to keep stock and really like the original better.  In Florida, the need for headlights and heater is rare.  Few owners down here drive their TR’s after dark on a regular basis. The LED conversions are pretty easy and with them the need for the alternator is way less.  Oh, I do have gear reduction starters on both.  I have a pusher electric fan on the newer car and I’m getting ready to drive it to the gym and it will be 90+ degrees on the 10 mile trip home in traffic and the temp gauge will not get over the magic number of 185 degrees.  I’m happy with both and will probably keep the modified one forever and need to sell the newer one - who needs two white post 60,000 build numbers TR3A’s??
With a 1962 TR4 down for rebuild and I need the room in the garage to start that....will post a Stag question in a few....
Have a great Thursday everyone
Tom - now retired

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> On Jul 18, 2018, at 7:11 PM, TERRY SMITH <terryrs at comcast.net> wrote:
> I'm likely in the minority here, but I question the need for an alternator in conversion at all.  Now, I do realize that the generator doesn't keep up with stock electrics.  (Lucas:  Prince of Darkness, with the theme of "dim, flicker, dark."  My experience is, it's not as bad as all that.
> What I've done, after having to recharge my battery from driving in deep fall with headlamps and heater going full for several days, is switch to LED for headlamps, turn signals, brakes, parking and instruments. So far the generator I re-installed after doing the alternator conversion, is keeping up rather nicely. The plus is, probably due to my own ignorance, I don't have to deal with alternator pully alignment issues that kept breaking the adjustment bar.
> Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
> New Hampshire
>> On July 18, 2018 at 12:55 PM Jim Henningsen <trguy75 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ok, since I'm on a role and off work, how about another question to the
>> collective.  I see various alternator conversion kits out there including an
>> alternator in a generator case (very cool).  I would prefer to use an
>> alternator that I can get at a local parts place and has a lifetime
>> warranty.  The GM 10SI is installed in my 6 but I had to do modifications to
>> the ears to make it work.  That kills the warranty.  Has anyone come up with
>> a spacer/install kit so you can hook up an extremely common alternator like
>> the 10SI on the 3 or 4.  I really don't want to make my own mounts and this
>> has to have been done by someone in years past.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Jim Henningsen
>> Ocala FL
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