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When you get an "agreed value" policy, be aware that most states consider
the car to be a "total write off" at about 80% of its value.

If your car sustains damage that exceeds 80% of it's agreed value, the
insurance company takes the title and the car and pays the agreed value and
you have the $ but no car.

You can negotiate with them to buy the car back if you want to repair or
part out the car, but it will then be a "salvage" title. 

If it isn't a Ferrari or Aston Martin type of blue chip vehicle, and it is a
restored car, you should value the car at the value of a solid replacement +
restoration costs + 20%.

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting Services, LLC

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List, In evaluation a car to figure what a vehicle that be a collector's car
to determine what it is worth in today's market has the Hagerty Insurance
Valuation tool become the norm? Please List voice your opinion as for myself
i do use the Hagerty guide. I want to make it clear that other then the fact
I do have my car insured ruth Hagerty that there is no affiliation with
them. Larry Schwartz   1960 Tr3a 

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