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Excellent time and nice to meet you as well Dave - it was a great trip and without rain on the return trip Pennsylvania offered up some beautiful scenery.

Jerry and the WPTA crowd did a great job hosting and that bunch from ISOA were a treat.  I didn’t realize they were bilingual, I learned some useful Ukranian!


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I just got home from one of the best Triumph times I have had.
This was the longest trip  so far in my 1967 Triumph TR4A IRS (recently added Overdrive).

Friday, I left from work  at 11:00 AM (in eastern side of Cincinnati, Oh) heading for Mars, PA which is where the host hotel was located. The weather was just a little misty when I left. Not enough for wipers but I had coated the windshield with RainX.. The overdrive worked great and I had no problem at all keeping up with the traffic.
By the time I was half way to Columbus the sun was out and perfect for a drive. Traffic was kind of heavy as I got closer to Columbus but the highlight of that part of the trip  was when a couple drove past me in a Lamborghini convertible and they took pictures of me!
Driving into Pennsylvania, I thought the mountain highways were awesome. I haven’t been to Pennsylvania much and really enjoyed that part of the trip.  Driving by one town, I saw probably the largest American flag of my life.
When I checked into the hotel, there were 4-5 other Triumphs parked in the lot. I didn’t see anybody until I had gotten back from eating dinner and there were 4 guys sitting in the lobby and found the TR’s belong to them.
As we were making introductions, I found I was sitting there with Steve Yott, Irv Cory, Jay Hoekamp and Mark (sorry, I forgot your last name Mark..) I told Steve I have on of his modified cluster gears in my transmission and told Jay I had one of his overdrive pressure gauges!
It was great putting some faces to the names. The next morning I followed them to the race track and had one of the best Triumph days of my life. My good friend Jerry  had sent me a one day pit pass which was great. I was able to park with the other TR’s and by midday there were a lot of them. I met a lot more of the Western Pennsylvania Triumph Association members which by the way is a very active club. This is a great bunch of guys. Through my friend Jerry I have gotten a lot of support, questions answered, technical advice and actual parts when I was going thru getting my TR finished up and it was great meeting all those guys and I look forward to the next time we can meet up.
One more thing, I have the honor of saying I am an official FOG #51!  I even got to meet Kas Kastner and he signed a poster for me.
Even the trip back home was great!
I woke up about 5:30 Sunday and laid there until I decided I had to pee and at that point, jumped into the shower and packed up. I was on the road by 6:00AM and noticed that Irv and Mark had already left. Stopped in some little town just north of Wheeling, WV for a sumptuous Denny’s breakfast and off I went. The rest of the trip went fast with perfect temperature and little traffic (until I got to Columbus). By the way, my new driving pet peeve is the driver who doesn’t understand that the  left lane is a “passing lane” not your personal “parade” lane…
The car.. my Triumph drove perfectly the entire trip which was not quite 800 miles I think.  I did have one issue with my choice of navigation getting there. I planned on just using the Waze app on my phone thinking since my radio has a USB port, I thought I would just plug in the phone and the radio would keep the phone charged.. Not so. I had to stop at two rest stops to charge the phone with added about an hour to my trip up there. That was fun as the plugs are next to the bathrooms so I looked like I was some kind of dirty old man. Once I got to the hotel, I found a Walmart and bought 2 of those auxiliary phone batteries. On the way back, I was able to get back to Columbus using one of the auxiliary batteries so life is good. I am planning on adding a auxiliary power receptacle before my next trip so I can just plug a charger into that and not have to worry about losing my navigation.
In closing I would say that if you can swing it, definitely go on a long trip in your TR.

Dave Connitt
’67 TR4A IRS

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