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Fyi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJYJ3KvPhhY

Moss video on how to test the coil

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> The steps in the insulating washers go inside the holes in the moving 
> contact spring and the condenser and coil wire tags so as to prevent 
> them coming into contact with the threaded stud and nut. These two 
> components are at earth/ground potential, and if the coil wire comes 
> into contact with either stud or nut - either because the washers are 
> the wrong way round, not seated properly, or the tags are between the 
> washer and nut - the points will be bypassed, the coil continually 
> flowing current, and there will be no spark.

Yes, exactly, but you said you did not see the coil being pulled down while
this describes it constantly being pulled down.

> But that I not the end pf the story, no spark at the plugs. 
> no spark using a testing tool either.  Toasted coil?  Best way to test 
> it?

You've got to have the voltage across the low tension part of the coil going
up and down (by which I mean a constant 12v to the 'hot' terminal, and
either zero or 12v on the 'points' terminal).

There might be other problems, but that is a first step.

-- Randall

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