[TR] '3 ignition update...

David Templeton davidt at opentext.com
Sun Jul 8 07:45:51 MDT 2018

Ok the latest in this saga 😊

  *   All of the wires are showing no resistance
  *   Connections are solid, and appear to be correct…or are they???

The terminal stack where all the wires come together was bothering me.  So surfed and found this


The steps in the insulating washers go inside the holes in the moving contact spring and the condenser and coil wire tags so as to prevent them coming into contact with the threaded stud and nut. These two components are at earth/ground potential, and if the coil wire comes into contact with either stud or nut - either because the washers are the wrong way round, not seated properly, or the tags are between the washer and nut - the points will be bypassed, the coil continually flowing current, and there will be no spark. Also be aware that if the points tag is correct but the condenser tag is fitted between the washer and nut you will have ignition, but very weak sparking and lots of points arcing as the condenser will be out of circuit.


So I pulled the stack apart and double checked and reassembled.  Being extra careful and wow, points closed, current, points open nothing….  So loooking better 😊

But that I not the end pf the story, no spark at the plugs… no spark using a testing tool either.  Toasted coil?  Best way to test it?

I feel I am soooooooooo close to hearing her purr again……  Deep breath and patience is needed LOL


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