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Hey, Erkan:


Your questions:

Q1:         yes

Q2:         remember the fan goes on backwards or else it will not fit.  You need a fan fitting kit from TRF.  I generally use Loctite on the bolts as you do not want the fan to come loose


My questions:

Q1:         where is your fluid going “upon return”?  Leaking?  Going into the engine?  This may be why the car is overheating

Q2:         Why are you replacing the timing sprockets?  Generally on a rebuild I replace just the chain and tensioner.


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Fellow Listers,


My 1962 TR3B has had a problem with overheating.  I replaced the thermostat (although not the sleeved one) to no avail.She used to overheat at idle and now even with motion.  Previously I have installed an electric fan, the radiator air shroud and bypassed the heater so no fluid goes there (as she is not driven in bad weather anyway).


I would fill up the radiator, and go for a drive...overheat and fluid gone upon return.


So I puschased a new aluminum Wizzard radiator, new hoses, new water pump and pulley, 8 blade yellow fan from TRF.  As long I was in there figured I should replace the timing chain and sprokets.  Finally got past teh house projects to work on her.


Goal on 4th of july was to get the apron off....5 hours later success...it was not too hard, just tedious.  the lateral fender bolts prooved most difficult, but PB Blaster and heat got them going...thank goodness. (anyone wanting advice and how to on that let me know).


Took the radiator off today.  No fluid in thermostat housing but drained a lot from bottom of radiator once bottom hose removed.


Question #1: I see the petcock on the back of the block.  Should I remove that and flush a garden hose in there to see if it clears or go with radiator replacement (once all the other stuff is done)?  The hoses are off and the heater cock has a hose going to where the heater pipe hose would be...where will the water come out of?


Question #2: Need to take the fan off next...any tips/advice on this, especially considering I have to put the plastic yellow one on and the TRF stuff did not come with instructions.


BIG FEAR: The timing chain scares me...never done that before and the new sprockets from TRF do not have markings...more on that after fan removal and water pump removal.


THis list is the best and thanks for any help and advice.



Baltimore, MD

TCF 536

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