[TR] tr3 dizzy pic

Paul Tegler ptegler at verizon.net
Thu Jul 5 00:39:43 MDT 2018

simply sounds like the points are not connected as you think
ohm out the terminal to the body of the dist ...with the points closed
...should be zero ohms
Then ohm out all the wires individually it sounds likteh low side of 
your coil is simply never seeing a ground (points closed)


On 7/5/2018 1:18 AM, David Templeton wrote:
> Evening all
> Okay, Randall has been giving me a hand to try and trace an ignition 
> problem in the �3 before starting. The voltage at the low tensions 
> side of the coil, the black/white wire from the dizzy is 12v whether 
> the points are open or closed.� He mentioned some kind of wiring in 
> the diz itself.
> So I am wondering if a visual inspection would show something.� Before 
> I pull it all apart and test each and every wire.� Do others have 
> example points based dizzy for comparison?
> Thanks
> David
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