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Jeff Scarbrough fishplate at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 05:52:40 MDT 2018

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 6:43 AM, Alex & Janet Thomson
<aljlthomson at charter.net> wrote:
> I would like to think that how tires are stored would have some impact on
> their service life. Think of inside, cool place, out of sunlight, etc., etc.

They are still oxidizing...  :)

> This must be a tremendous cost issue with fire departments where tires
> probably don’t even see 5% - 10% wear before they age out.

Where I work, we have several vehicles that see that kind of use.  And
yes, it hurts the taxpayers a bit to pay to replace tires with only
5000 miles on them.  But when you look closely, you can see the cracks
starting to form.  No way I want my people on the highway on a tire
like that.

And my own anecdote:  When I bought my TR6 (from a family member) in
2009, it had been sitting for a long time.  I did the work to get it
running, and took it out for a drive.  I quickly got up to about 85
mph, and only then did I realize that I hadn't paid much attention to
the tires, other than putting air in them.  Turns out those lovely
redlines were 1986 vintage.  Still had plenty of miles on them...

I took the wheels off and carried them to the tire store the next day.
Still have the redlines, if anyone needs some antique display tires.
Not sure if I'd even use them in a parade.

Jeff Scarbrough
Corrosion Acres, Ga.

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