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I would like to think that how tires are stored would have some impact on
their service life. Think of inside, cool place, out of sunlight, etc., etc.


But, we noticed a tremendous difference after we replaced 10 year + redlines
on or TR6 with new Pirelli's despite the old tires having plenty of tread.
This must be a tremendous cost issue with fire departments where tires
probably don't even see 5% - 10% wear before they age out. Hopefully some of
those take-off tires find their way onto off-road equipment such as manure
spreaders and other types of farm equipment where a failure is not
catastrophic. Earlier this summer, we noticed that a Michelin XAS tire on my
hay elevator transport was starting to unravel. 30 minutes later, the big
bang occurred. I told the kids that work for me that the tire which just
self-destructed was from my parents '71 Peugeot 504. "They just don't make
them like they used to".


For a road-going vehicle, I think 10 year old tires is tempting fate.


Alex Thomson


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Is there a point at which "new" tires should not be used?  I have a set of
unused 165 x 15 tires marked 2409, indicating they were manufactured in June
2009.  Any issues putting them on a car?


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, MI

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