[TR] Tr3a-- installing a gas tank

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Sun Jan 28 11:22:12 MST 2018

Larry:  if someone replies with the secret of how to do this, please share
it with the list.  We'd all love to know.

Andrew Uprichard
1957 TR3 keeper
1957 TR3 being painted
1961 TR4 being restored, love to keep it
1962 TR3B keeper
1968 TR250 awaiting engine from UK. Will be a keeper

I know - crazy.  

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List, I am installing a new aluminum gas tank in my post 60,000 Tr3. I
remember some time ago when i did install one it was a "dog" of a job
getting the large filler neck hose in place. Any suggestion on how to make
the job easier? Larry Schwartz  1960 Tr3-A Sent from my iPhone

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