[TR] TR3A Fog/Spot Light Relay(s)

cfmtr3a cfmtr3a at verizon.net
Mon Jan 22 18:09:40 MST 2018

I mounted the relays for my fog/spot lamps on the inner wing in front of the shock tower. Of course now one has failed. To access I will need to remove the grill and all that is related to that such as bumper overrider, lamps, Etc. Access from below is blocked by the sway bar mounting.
Does anybody have suggestions as to a better place to mount the relays for easier access? Based on the conversation I had with Dan Masters several years ago the relay should be as close to the instrument as possible. The only solutions I can think of are on the inner wing down by the brake switch (below carbs) or on the flat section of the firewall near the fuse box. I guess another option would be to feed the wires through the inner Wing to someplace behind the front apron area. I could then utilize the relay to lamp wires.
Carl60 TR3A TS81802LOTampa

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