[TR] Pertronix magnet sleeve TR6

glemon at neb.rr.com glemon at neb.rr.com
Sun Jan 21 11:43:38 MST 2018

Bigger hammer?  There is a slot it has to line up with I think, make sure that is right.  It should be a friction fit, tight but able to be pushed on and taken off by hand.  Check for flashing on the plastic of the magnet or any hard crud build up on the distributor shaft.

I have been known to enlarge holes things are supposed to fit in but don't with some fine sandpaper.  If everything seems right but it still won't fit you could try that, if it is just slightly off due to manufacturer's tolerances it shouldn't take much.  If it seems way off I would send back for another.

Greg Lemon

---- Bob Peglow <rpeglow at optonline.net> wrote: 
> Hello list,
> I am having difficulty getting the sleeve to slip down.
> I am concerned about damaging it.
> And thoughts or suggestions , please?
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Bob
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