[TR] TR3 Turn Signal woes

Reihing, Randall S. Randall.Reihing at utoledo.edu
Wed Jan 10 05:23:13 MST 2018

It may have been simple oxidation.

Just enough to cause a color change but no corrosion, can create enough electrical resistance to reduce circuit voltage to a level the end device will not function if it requires more voltage than is available.

That micro thin oxidation film will offer enough resistance to reduce current, and thus voltage, at the intended device and in some instances can prevent it from functioning. This is most likely to cause an issue with low voltage, high current, needs, relatively speaking. A 12 volt bulb that needs a brief inrush of current to heat it's filament to incandescence can be affected by that oxidative layer. Moving the connection around can create sufficient mechanical interference to scrape some of it away and the circuit will spontaneously come back to life. Long term preventive action might be to disconnect those connections, clean them until they are bright and shiny, then reassemble them.

Another cause might be a hairline separation in the conductors under the insulation just before the connector. Moving it around might cause enough of them to touch to complete the circuit.

Hope that helps,

Randall Reihing
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I had a problem with corroded and broken bullet connectors in my TR6.  At some point I'd check the inside of the connectors and perhaps replace them.


On 1/9/2018 5:14 PM, cfmtr3a wrote:
 I'm not sure what I did but it is working. I disconnected each bullet from the connector and then reconnected it. When I was all done, it work. What a fun day.


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Thanks for the responses.
I added bullet connectors in both Green/White (GW for RR signal) & Green/Red (GR for LR signal) lines just before lamps

Further investigation.
With Lamps still connected
When RR is disconnected (No ground/No Live), LR still flashes.
Reconnected RR and disconnected GR, LR does not flash.
BUT - RR works as it should; Left Rear doesn’t work when triggered at Control Head.
Disconnected Lamps at bullet connectors; Used two test lamp circuits with grounds connected to body:
With both test lamps connected, both flash the same as lamps.
With RR disconnected, test lamp connected to GR from wire harness, Test Lamp flashes.
In other words – no difference from original problem.
GR comes through wire harness from passenger side connections at RF Horn.
Checked GN from flasher to RF connection and it is doubled up with the GN going to LF; GR is a dead-end at RF connection.
Not sure what to do next….  Suggestions?
1960 Triumph TR3
Tampa, FL

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Since the front and rear lights work off the same wire and the fronts work I would look at the ground connections at the rear, specifically the right rear.  The wire may be inserted in the right place but is it making connection?  Corrosion or a broken wire may be creating unintended current paths leading to bizarre results such as this.

When the RR lamp flashes is it as bright as the LR when it flashes alone?  Is the LR brighter when you engage the left turn signal as when you engage the right turn signal?

Dave Massey
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I have had issues like that before on my car and others.  Assuming a good ground I would pull everything loose near the fixtures, including the running and brake lights, and connect up one at a time and test each time I made a connections.  As soon as something goes wrong, chase that wire back through all the points to confirm that it is correct.  Don’t assume that he flasher and the connections inside the steering hub are good.

No easy answer, may 5 minutes, maybe 5 hours.

Good luck,

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See attached diagram.

When I operate left turn on control head, front and rear operate as they should.
When I operate right turn on control, right front works but both lamps flash in the rear.

Any ideas where the problem is?  I am at a complete loss.  I would think that if I have right/left crossover, both lamps in the rear would flash regardless of which indicator is used.  I checked connections at the rear lamps and only a single line (correct one GR or GW) is connected.  Only line going to right front is GW.  I have tried different connections at left front since the GN and GR look so similar but nothing works then.  I checked all four corners and live/ground wires are going to the correct terminals.

Any ideas appreciated.  Thanks

Carl Musson
1960 Triumph TR3
Tampa, FL

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